The World’s First explainable AI launched by- Digité, Inc.


Did you know !! Finally, AI Product for Enterprise Project Intelligence launched.

This article will let you know about eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (computer program or a machine to think and learn) product launched on enterprise project level. The user comes from a huge range of industries like healthcare, business, education, finance, law, manufacturing, infrastructure etc.

Digité, Inc. a technology leader in Lean/ Agile Application Life-cycle Management product, The launch of RISHI – the world’s 1st XAI (eXplainable Artificial Intelligence) enabled product for giant enterprises launched in Bangalore on 6th March 2019 by A.V. Sridhar, chief executive officer & Co-founder of Digité, Inc.

RISHI’s design has AI innovative machine-driven pipeline that gives users knowledge origin (data trace ability) and visibility into feature engineering, enabling Root Cause Analysis (RCA) into the factors affecting project performance. These help one perceive the difference in key indicators that drive enterprise success.

Expanding on it further, CEO A.V. Sridhar said RISHI product that cater’s to C’ Level executives, Delivery Heads, Project Managers and other decision makers which listen to & learn performance data & forecast about the future projects.

Machine learning:- The science of obtaining a laptop or computer to act while not programming. Artificial intelligence in business-Robotic method automation is being applied to extremely repetitive tasks unremarkable performed by humans. Machine learning algorithms area unit being integrated into analytics and CRM platforms to uncover data on the way to higher serve customers.

RISHI-XAI is currently accessible have many customers evaluating it to run pilot programs in their organizations for wider implementation. Digite, have been the CXO’s of our existing and prospective customers for many months and there’re loads of pleasure regarding the potential impact of this technology.

RISHI, on the opposite hand, goes a lot of additional by qualifying and quantifying the factors inflicting performance deviations and predicting their progress into the long run. To learn more about RISHI-XAI, please contact or visit .

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