The Story Of Croissant & Danish Pastry Has Just Gone Viral!


Croissants are mainly found in France as their continental breakfast. Danish pastry concept was brought in Denmark by Austrian bakers. Croissants & danish pastry has made huge record in culinary world & our favorite breakfast spread.

Many trust the croissant is a quintessentially French baked food, yet it follows its birthplaces back to the Ottoman attack on Vienna, Austria. The differences between Croissant & Danish pastry. Rich buttery flavor and flaky texture & its called as lord of baked food – Croissant & Multi Layered covered yeast – raised batter , That is Danish pastry.

Danish Pastry
To make a splendid yeast prepared nourishment it is an incredible plan to understand the methodicalness and components of fixings that are discussed underneath. Batter is made with yeast like how bread’s blend is made, that contains flour, sugar, hitter fat, water and salt. At the point when this blend is fixed, chilled then the overlay of the batter is finished by collapsing interchange layers of batter and flour.

Again a hybrid of bread and baked pastry, so as the way toward causing croissant to incorporate sealing and covering. The batter is made with enacted yeast and sealed with an assistance of proffer, post which the mixture’s temperature is purchased down and chilled fat is overlaid over the mixture and moved after various folds. Cut into long triangle at that point formed and heated.

Baking is both physical and mental therapy.

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The man behind Story Of Croissant & Danish Pastry.

Gourmet chef Dr. Chef. Avin Thaliath – Co-Founder and Director of Academics at Lavonne Academy of Baking science and Pastry Arts & serves as the vice-president of the Pastry Council of India.

He has studied at various bakehouse and Pastry schools around the world and holds the credit of being a Golden Certificate Awardee of Vatel Scholarship, Nîmes , France. He is a member of WACS (World Association of Chefs Society), SICA (South Indian Culinary Association), and IFCA (Indian Federation of Chefs Association).

He has authored variety of educational journals, books, and monographs and holds a PhD in Wine studies. He is a World Skills professional in Baking, and officially represented India at World Skills Dhabi 2017. Additionally, he was featured within the Harun list for the foremost enterprising entrepreneurs of India. This man is an all-rounder & down to earth person, helping nature got him to this highest with no doubt.

To know more about chef Dr. Chef. Avin ThaliathLavonne baking academy Visit :-

Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, India:

Address: #263, 3rd Cross Rd, 2nd Stage, 2nd Phase, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071.

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