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There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap- Kevin James

I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing–  Big 10 ‘ inch Overflowing cheesy pizza with Double loaded toppings. Sinful and incredibly delicious, the perfect game day appetizer to feed a hungry crowd. The whole thing perfectly melts and gooey good. Their recipe is crowd-pleasing. Truthfully it’s kind of the best pizza in town. After a long hunt for the best pizza in town, I found them.

No one is more picky about pizza than I; and I have a special grudge against bad pizza, which can be so thick and doughy But the pizza we ordered and did have from this flamboyant place was outstanding.but highly recommended. Do u know whom I am talking about…

Started up in Mumbai, In three cities (Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune), Setting up shop in the 4th(Delhi) and planning to expand even more…

A few things to note here about Pizza:

  • In house Dough.
  • Fully cooked and baked to perfection.
  • Double Loaded Toppings.
  • All pizzas come in 10″ sizes to ensure perfection.
  • Cheesiest Pizzas you can get.

“Unless you are a pizza, the answer is ‘Yes’, I can live without you!”
– Bill Murray

They are team of young people who love Bill Murray for loving Pizza.

 They have varieties of Pizza: CLICK HERE FOR MENU 

Should try them: Veg & Non – Veg

1.Fantastic Four – Roast Chicken |Chicken Sausage | Spicy Jalapenos |Capsicum |

2.BBQ Chicken – BBQ Chicken | Red Paprika | Golden Corn |Onions |

3.Awesome Threesome – Red Paprika | Baby Corn | Onions |


Information and Policies

Season – Open Year Round
Meals Served – Lunch, Dinner
Cards Accepted – Credit / Debit
Delivery Available – Quick one
Mid night delivery – till 1 AM


Now here is the pizza hand rolled with precision, overflowing with cheese and loaded with your favorite toppings! So, get your MOJO delivered to your doorstep and enjoy a warm box of goodness.




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