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Being with a family teaches you plenty of lessons & the way to live life. So I experienced one among the most effective times of my life during this pandemic. It taught us family values & how important a family is. Good family communication is vital because families are what we most frequently address for support. Family has to be everybody’s first priority. Humans are social animals, so he tends to remain during a company of individuals. My experience was unique and that I learnt the meaning of life within the past months and am still experiencing. 

Been locked up home for quite 3 months now. My life was way too busy to even try to understand the importance of a happy family.I used to be greatly a responsible kid is what i always thought, But there have been many things this point thought. I definitely noticed a huge change at our routine, lifestyle and home. Things just go easier when families join together and help each other through difficult times. Household chores were shared among each one of them in our family which made super easy to manage without any nagging. We all loved those moments. I have been experiencing having breakfast, lunch, evening coffee and dinner together. It was not greatly easier to adopt a new lifestyle. But when families join together everything is possible.  

The very first thing we started together was learnt baking & it became a ritual every alternative day. The enjoyment of enjoying those baked cakes, cookies, bread loafs gave us the simplest joy within the world. Then comes the household chores like washing vessels, washing clothes, cleaning house became a daily routine on behalf of me. Brother was never a helping hand at home. He is the most pampered little kid in our family and responsible person in our family in his own ways with managing little things for us at home. It was definitely a huge change for us to digest him helping us and he voluntarily took responsibilities of laundry work. Became the best one and sister being a helping hand for brother. Enjoyed every little joy we got out of it. Gardening with indoor plants became my passion and hobby and loved spending time inside my house.

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I was busy surprising my family with my new skill- Baking – Tried Matcha butter cookies which are my signature cookies. Something in life happens for good, teaches you life time lessons and This is our new normal.

‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda‘ #ShareTheLoad #ShareTheLaundry #ShareChoresMultiplyLove

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