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The whole year 2020 just flew on a blink with leaving life the wrong way up. Honestly just don’t want to recollect those long dragging months but taught us countless lessons got the chance to grasp myself well. When the life began to seem normal I wanted to start out with fresh air with a change of place.

2020 12 23

Holiday Inn Express & Suites OMR- Bengaluru

Staycation is just to forget every bad vibe and indulge with new things. On Saturday I visited this gorgeous place. if you too have decided to require an escape and occupy a hotel, make certain that all safety precautions are followed. After months of being home-arrested, you need to be looking for that short getaway. My sweet bunch girls planned a staycation at this beautiful property at Holiday inn express suite.

Holiday Inn Express & Suite is a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels Group. They’re one among the worlds the largest hotel chains. They have the hotel across regions. One which we visited are Holiday in Express & Suite OMR Bengaluru (Old madras road). It’s around hour drive from Bengaluru international Airport and 45 mins drive from the town. They have rooms which are the pocket friendly, comfortable and the hassle free stay. Express breakfast, a complimentary WIFI, and rooms would cause you to feel rejuvenating and stress free.

Absolutely loved the stunning decor– We have very similar aesthetics! Rooms at the property would make the cutest photo-shoot location with its spacious dreamy ambiance! The property offers options of rooms – Yay! I got the “Couple room”. To compliment this further is a mall connected to the Hotel.

Social Distancing was sincerely practiced and advised with necessary precautions, careful inspection of each individual by the Management of the property. No doubt how seriously the management has ensured effectively the procedures of cleaning, disinfecting & ventilating the between each guest visit.

Food was luscious. Indian food was on point that there’s zero negative feedback. Every single dishes were buttery, scrumptious, Smoky. The menu for lunch was purely Indian cuisine.

They did surprise us with blissful Hot tea & coffee served with cookie & sandwiches in the room. These combination makes you feel better. It was definitely a wide spread & mid-day pick up and to keep me active through out late evening.

Evening dinner was arranged in the Veranda which is a lounge which is attached to the mall in the same building. It was scenic. Must try & shower stopper dishes served for dinner with some amazing cocktails. Noodle clear soup, Mutton Boti fry, Gobi Manchurian, Tandoori chicken wings, Tandoori pineapple, Char cooked burata bomb, Linguini al pomodoro,Grilled fish, Mushroom orfottoo, Peri peri roasted spring chicken, Red velvet cake, Chocolate pastry .

Must Visit property from your daily busy life located on the edge of city. Breath some fresh air & relax.

As much as I hate it, I have come to an end of my Staycation so is my gorgeous dreamy day at this property. Well, you know – it’s never the end. I’d love to hear your experience at this place. Do comment and write to me with your Staycation story at The Holiday Inn. I am sure it would be a Delight!

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