Recipe – Potato Gulab Jamun

Recipe for Potato Gulab Jamun


2 Big Potatoes – boiled and mashed.
100 gms milk powder.
1 Tsp ghee/clarified butter.

To Prepare Sugar Syrup:

2-3 cup of sugar.
1 Cup water.
2Drop of Rose essence.
A Pinch of cardamom seed powder.


  1. Boil the potatoes and peel outer skin. Mash the potatoes, Combine ghee and milk powder.knead to smooth dough without adding water.
  2. Grease your palm with little oil and make small lemon sized balls of the dough.
  3. To prepare sugar syrup, take a deep Kadai or pan & add sugar and 1 cup water. Heat it over low flame till sugar gets dissolved. The syrup should be of sticky consistency.
  4. Heat oil/ghee in a heavy bottomed Kadai or pan for deep frying. Keep it in medium flame and make sure the oil is not too hot otherwise the balls won’t get cooked from inside. Only the outer layer will get cooked.
  5. Fry 5 to 6 balls at a time and once it turns golden brown switch it to low flame.Fry the remaining balls on low flame. Remove the balls from the heat and put it in sugar syrup. Let it soak for 30 mins and then serve hot.

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