More Connected – Constant Connection Through Food.

♥ Cooking is not difficult. Everyone has taste, even if they don’t realize it. Even if you’re not a great chef, there’s nothing to stop you understanding the difference between what tastes good and what doesn’t – Gerard Depardieu. ♥

We all love food, don’t we? It’s the food which puts a smile on our face makes the day all the more fun. Come let’s unlock the great food experiences, right from sambar rice to pizzas and pasta.

Few things are more disappointing than finding what seems like the perfect. Passionate about a few things:-

  • Develop Recipes.
  • Food Reviews.
  • Food Photography and more.

Cooking with natural foods, eating seasonally, and sharing wholesome meals with the people. You can search recipes by diet needs (there are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options), as well as meal type and seasons.

I love to cook, develop recipes, experiment different flavors and aromas. Oh yes, love to share Reviews of food. Let’s cook up 🙂

Celebrating Whole Food:

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  3. Recipe – Veggie Omelet
  4. Summer of Flavours – Cocktails 
  5. Something cheesy around here – Have it your way
  6. Recipe – Keto Ghee rice